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Biodiesel Tax Credit Extension Act

“Producers and businesses at every stage of the biodiesel production and consumption process rely on these tax credits to plan their investments, grow their businesses and pass on the savings to consumers.”

United Airlines Makes History With Biodiesel Fueled ‘Flight for the Planet’

US Government Report Strengthens Consensus on Biodiesel Benefits

2017 was a Solid Year for US Biodiesel

Cities Pledge to Use Renewable Energy

Biodiesel Advantages and Information

U.S. biodiesel production still increasing

Biodiesel set to replace petro diesel in California


Here is the latest industry news from the National Biodiesel Board:

Voter Poll Shows Strong Support for Biodiesel Use

Biodiesel’s Contribution to the Clean Energy Economy Testifies in Congressional Hearings

US DOE announces $79 million for bio-energy research, development

Biodiesel plays active role in food waste reduction

Reform Small Refinery Exemptions

Work Truck Industry Driven by Biodiesel

Extend the Biodiesel Tax Incentive Now

Biodiesel Ranks First in Alternative Fuel Use Among Fleets

Biodiesel Tax Credit Renewed for a Year

Ford’s 2018 F-150 Joins Ranks of Diesel Vehicles Supporting B20 Biodiesel

How Biodiesel Performs in the Cold Weather

Biodiesel Now Included in Top Tier Diesel Fuel

Biodiesel Tax Incentive: Reinstatement Needed

Biodiesel contributes to National Park’s Air Quality Improvement

Biodiesel Industry: Made In America Manufacturing

True Value of Biodiesel Benefits

Biodiesel Helps Clear the Air in Most Visited National Park

Biodiesel Benefits Under-Valued for Years

Biodiesel: The Cleanest Liquid Fuel in the United States

Made in the USA Biodiesel Supports Jobs

2017 Glycerine Innovation Award

Taxpayer Dollars and U.S. Energy Policy Should Incentivize Domestic Production

When It Comes to American Biodiesel, Jobs and Economic Opportunities are Hot Tickets

Biodiesel Backers Count On Successes of 2016 to Fuel the Future

2016 Biodiesel Market Skunks Previous Records

General Motors Announces 20 for B20 in Vehicle Lineup

Automakers Fuel Biodiesel Capable Vehicles

Biodiesel Leaders Take Jobs, Energy Security Message to D.C.

Industry Welcomes Updated Department of Energy Biodiesel Guide

Renewable Fuels Announcement Strengthens Energy Security

Carbon Benefits of Biodiesel Reaffirmed

Senators Support Biodiesel Production in Delivering Economic and Environmental Benefits

Biodiesel Industry Supports Job Growth

Scientists Agree, Biodiesel A Key to Global Carbon Reduction


Discovery Channel’s show Hot Grease tells how the biodiesel industry is turning spent kitchen grease into a renewable energy source as vehicle fuel.