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Industry Information and Additional Resources

Please visit the National Biodiesel Board’s website for information on the Safe Handling of Biodiesel and for additional Biodiesel Industry Information.

Emergency Preparedness

In the event of an emergency we will work with Emergency Personnel to access the situation, determine the proper course of action and to ensure the safety of our operations, staff and surrounding community. We will work to continually enhance our safety practices and communications during an emergency. During an emergency situation, we will enable the Via Energy Emergency Notification Page, for official communications from Via Energy management.

Via Energy’s Emergency Response Team will monitor and communicate on the status of emergent situations or other possible disruptions. While we hope to avoid any disruption or loss, we urge each of us to take the necessary preparations should an event occur. Should you have any questions regarding the firm’s emergency preparedness plan, please contact our management team.

PR/ Media Resources

Members of the Press and media outlets can obtain additional information by Contacting Us directly.

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